Caneres, international music competition Vienna is the largest classical music competition & festival worldwide. Professional artists are entitled to participate in 20 subjects (Music Instruments & Vocals) including conducting and composition and in 4 age groups.

The purpose of Caneres, international music competition Vienna is to promote and popularise classical music around the world, so that classical music is global, open and inclusive in every way – not just on one or two continents, but everywhere.

In addition to our applicants, with the help of our sponsors in 182 countries and at over 14,700 participating music institutions, vouchers worth 2.2 million euros will be sent to their students especially in order to promote young artists.

The music institutions (music universities, conservatories, academies, schools, etc.) at which the applicants study or have studied are honoured as well as the applicants. As artist of the year or as music institution of the year. The award ceremony will take place on 28 October 2023 in Vienna with 3000 guests from media, TV, radio, agencies, representatives of concert halls, Opera Houses, sponsors, and other representatives of the music business.

The music competition will begin with the March 2023 edition and end with the September 2023 edition. In the first, March edition, students from the first 30 countries (from a total of 182 countries) or from music institutions of these countries will be invited to participate.

4 Age Groups:
  • JUNIOR – born in 2014 and younger
  • MIDDLE JUNIOR – born in 2010 and younger
  • JUNIOR ARTIST – born in 2004 and younger
  • SENIOR ARTIST – born in 1990 and younger

in the following categories:
Piano Violin Violoncello Doublebass Guitar Harp Flute Oboe Clarinet Bassoon Saxophone Soprano Mezzo Tenor Countertenor Baritone Bass Conducting Composition
Take the Next Steps

Applicants send us a video link of their performance. Video link must be no more than 2 years old and no more than 15 minutes long. The application is free of charge. Free choice of performance.


Applicants will receive a decision concerning qualification by email within 24 hours. In case of qualification applicants pay Euro 150 participation fees.


Our Jury will evaluete and grade your performances within 10 days after the application deadline. Each Qualified Applicant will receive their scores, comments and advice via email.

Grand Finale

Over 100.000 Euro cash prize.

The Grand Finale will take place on 28 October 2023 live and in Vienna as a festival and ball of classical music.

The Grand Final is open to applicants who have scored 90 points or more based on our jury s evaluation and have therefore won 1st Prize.

Why Caneres?

The biggest classical music competition worldwide.

Our Golden Jury consists of excellent artists, conductors, composers and educators who are currently teaching in the best music universities worldwide or are directors or heads of music departments of the world-famous state operas.

We believe that our competition can offer many benefits to our participants, provide a platform where they can feel comfortable competing and help to build their confidence and realise their dreams.

Networking with important representatives of the music business and talented colleagues.

Evaluation and grading exclusively by educators in the discipline.

Appearances in the international media, TV and radio.

Concert engagements for the Golden Medal winner.

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