Caneres, the most renowned classical music competition.

Eligibility to Participate

Musicians from all nations of the world are eligible to participate.

Participation Fee

150 Euro (in case of qualification)

Application deadline:

March 14-29, 2023

3 rounds:

1st round: Applicants submit a video link

- Applications are only accepted over the Caneres website: under the "APPLY NOW" section.

- The maximum length of the performance is 15 minutes.

- The video recording (an audio-only recording is not acceptable) should not have sound effects added to any part of the video entry.
(it is acceptable to have an introduction title with musician’s name, title of piece and composer).

- VideoLink must be labeled: For Caneres, international music competition Vienna / Name of applicant

- Applicants can enter only one music institution (music university, academy, conservatory, school, etc.) in which they have learned or studied or are currently studying. In case the applicant has attended more than one music institution, they must enter the music institution where they have studied longer. If the length of study is the same, the applicant decides which music institution he/she represents. Incorrect entry will result in disqualification from the competition.

- The performance submitted through the video link must be no older than 2 years.

- A maximum of 3 submissions in one or a maximum of three video links can be sent. The maximum length of all performances in all video links is 15 minutes.

- Applicants will receive a decision concerning qualification by email within 24 hours.

- Application deadline is March 29, 2023 depending on the country you are applying from. The important thing is that in your country during the application is still March 29.

2nd round: Evaluation and Grading

In the second round, our jury will evaluate and grade the performances from the applicants in 3 categories (excluding Composition):

1. Technique – Maximum of 33 points

2. Interpretation – Maximum of 33 points

3. Overall Performance – Maximum of 34 points

and graded with a total of up to 100 points.

For the discipline Composition: The following categories for evaluation and grading apply here:

1. Development of Ideas - Maximum of 20 points

2. Harmonic Creativity - Maximum of 20 points

3. Melodic Creativity - Maximum of 20 points

4. Form - Maximum of 20 points

5. Idiomatic use Instrument(s)/Orchestration - Maximum of 20 points

and graded with a total of up to 100 points.

Important: Contestants for the discipline Composition are asked to submit scores and not video links. No age limit from 22 years on.

Regardless of whether or not they have won a prize, all Applicants who have qualified and paid the participation fee will receive comments by email about their performances and related advice, formulated by our jury members.

3rd round: Grand Final

- The Grand Final is open to applicants for all instruments/disciplines and age categories who have scored more than 90 points based on our jury's assessment and have therefore won the 1st prize.

- The Grand Finale will take place on 28 October 2023 live and in Vienna as a festival and ball of classical music.

- In the Grand Final, at least 3 jury members (professors in the discipline) will assess and grade each performance by each applicant.

- All finalists will receive an Email - invitation to Grand Final.

- The duration of the performance is 15 minutes.

- If for any reason a contestant cannot be present, the performance they have already given will be used to represent them in the competition, or they can record a new performance for the Grand Final and submit this to represent themselves.

- However, jury members are also entitled to stipulate a programme for the contestants in the Grand Final. If so, the contestants will be informed in good time so that everyone has the same amount of time to prepare. In this case, the contestants who cannot be present will be able to record their performance from the compulsory programme and use this recording to represent themselves in the Grand Final.

For the Discipline Composition:

- The Grand Final is open to contestants in the Discipline Composition who have scored more than 90 points based on our jury's assessment and have therefore won the 1st prize.